Fitting a Dining Table for Small Spaces Effectively To Look Spacious


It is true that choosing a dining table for small spaces is a challenge. However, there are easy ways to make your dining room feel more spacious and open than before. Try out several tips below to maximize the available space with the right dining table for small spaces.

The Right Shape of Dining Table for Small Spaces

First of all, you absolutely need to go for a dining table with a removable leaf. When not needed, leave the leaf most of the time to give an open look for everyday meals, yet you can always reattach the leaf for special events. Try to store or distribute extra chairs all over the house. A table set with two chairs feels less cramped, so the small dining room looks spacious.

Secondly, you can buy armless dining chairs to complement your dining table. By using armless chairs, the available space will seem less crowded and give extra elbow rooms. You can also squeeze more chairs when necessary.

Thirdly, it is wise to use a round pedestal dining table for small spaces. The perimeter of the room will appear larger just by placing a round table in the middle of your dining room. Everyone will be able to eat comfortably without bumping into each other’s elbows.

Eat in the Kitchen

If there is no available space for you to have a separate dining room, eating in the kitchen does not sound that bad. Eat-in kitchens, or breakfast nooks, are specially designed off or around the kitchen and is commonly surrounded by three walls. A pedestal table is perfect for breakfast nooks due to its generous leg room. The most popular shapes of dining table for small spaces are round, oval, and square.

A stand-alone bench or wrap-around banquette will fill the sides of your breakfast nook beautifully. These seating options offer a built-in look and give extra storage space while maximizing floor space at the same time.

Adding bench below a windowsill with a table and chairs across from it will also create a space that is not only an eating area, but also a spot for everyone to hang out. Breakfast nooks are commonly built near windows for a cozier feel. However, you can hang large wall mirrors if there aren’t any windows nearby.

The right choice of table will surely make your dining room looks spacious. You can also display your favorite decorative accents on the wall with a plate rack. This hack helps you to clear up floor space and enhance the visual of your room. Aside from the right dining table for small spaces, a large mirrors will give the space an airy and open feel.