Small Round Dining Tables for a Square Rooms: Pros and Cons


When you have the urge to get a new dining table but you do not know which one to choose, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons between each type of table. It is okay if you are intrigued to place small round tables

Small Round Dining Tables: Pros

Placing small round dining tables to square dining rooms is quite challenging. Nevertheless, you do not need to worry when choosing small round dining tables since it can fit easily into tight corners. In a square room, this type of table allows people to move freely all around the room, even between the table and the wall. Small round tables save space efficiently, thus, do not be afraid to place this table into your dining room.

The size of small round dining tables is just right. This table permits everyone to see and converse with each other with no barrier. Unlike a rectangle table for more than four people, the ones at the end always miss out on conversation.  However, if the size of the round table is too big, conversation across the table will almost be like shouting because of the huge distance. That is the reason why small round dining tables are a better option when there are a few people seating regularly at meal times.

Cons of Small Round Dining Tables

You may concern with the fixed number of seats. You may squeeze more people but it will hinder everyone from eating comfortably. While it is true that some small round dining tables come with an extension leaf, but not everyone is a fan of that. Turning a round table into oval in a square room might look awkward. However, if you do not mind with how it looks, you may go for the one with an extension leaf.

When you go for a round table, it is quite obvious that the legs of the table are in the way, but you can always decide to buy small round dining tables with one pedestal leg. However, you need to be careful when purchasing a table with one pedestal leg since you have to check whether it is sturdy enough by leaning on it.

Although there are a couple of drawbacks, no one will blame you for placing small round dining tables for square dining rooms. Round tables always look good in any types of dining rooms, even in a small square room.

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