Tips To Identify Brand Of Dining Room Table And Chairs


You can narrow down period and maker of dining room table and chairs from the style or materials. you will be able to decide both the value and ease of use of individual pieces by knowing the brand name whether you’re trying to replace a old piece for the set you already own or purchasing a second-hand set of dining room furnishings. You might need to search over each piece thoroughly as some pieces in a set may not be marked. The materials used may also help you to limit the manufacturer if there is no marking at all.

Looking for Marks

Your dining room furniture set may tell you the maker if you are finding under chairs and tables or on the backside of a china cabinet. Marker can be a paper or metal tag, a stamp or a sticker listing a brand name. The bottom of the dining room table and chairs is the common place. Or, try looking at beneath of the braces at the curve of chair seats or tables. Examine the bottom of a drawer or along the sides of drawers if you cannot find any marks of the above.

Identifying symbols

It is easy identifying a maker’s name listed on the label or markings. There may be the name of a furniture guild or a serial number or model, initials or a stamped symbol on the tag and not show a name at all. The dining room furniture may have been made by any one of lots of manufacturers. You may not find a manufacturer name on the dining room table and chairs but the names of a department store instead. Make a research about the shape or the model number of the symbol or logo to find further information.

Look the Details

The maker of the antique or handmade pieces sometimes can be identified by checking the items used to make the furniture. You can narrow down into mostly a few makers to meet the criteria of an exacting region or decade they were made if salvaged driftwood or plank is the material for the dining room chairs and table. There are also small number of manufacturers could have created furniture with an atypical shape, unique to an exacting time period. Also examine the hardware used to bring together and construct the furniture. Modern furniture usually uses Phillips-head screws. The pieces are old if they were handmade indicated from saw or plane marks. You can get more information about the leading furniture manufacturers in your area from a historical society if the dining room table and chairs are local to your region.