Types of Round Extendable Dining Table to Make Room for More


Unlike the rectangular or square extendable tables, round extendable dining table is limited to two options. The only available styles of a round extendable dining table are the one which turns into an oval and a circle even when it is expanded. Meanwhile, most rectangular and square extendable tables add extra length of the table. when you need to make room for more people, consider using a round extendable dining table.

Check out important information related to the styles of round extendable dining table below.

Round Extendable Dining Table: an Oval

A round extendable dining table which turns into an oval is easy to find. The extension leaves of the table work the best in adding extra space. Another great thing, this table gives two different vibes at the same time—while a round table radiates warmth, an oval table adds elegance to a space. You can add more people by seating them on each side of the table. However, make sure that your dining room is not cramped when the table is expanded. As an oval table suits a big and long dining room better, you might want to measure the size of the room and the table carefully before buying.

A Larger Round Table

If you love a round table that much, a round extendable dining table that turns into a larger round table might be the best option for you! You might hate it when a round table comes with leaves because it gives you undesirable flat sides. Instead of making a round table into an oval, this amazing table keeps its original shape. When your family consists of four but you need to accommodate more individuals, the most ideal table size is the one which can transform from a 56” table for four people, into a 72” table for up to ten people. However, you can always choose a bigger table if you need to cater more heads.

Most of this table comes with hinged pieces that fold together to pair around the table. When you are done, slide the folded sections underneath to hide the pieces. This table complements any types of dining rooms since it does not change the shape of the table.

After deciding the right round extendable dining table, perhaps, the only challenge is finding the right chairs for your guests. However, the most important thing on expanding your dining table is the right seat arrangement so that everyone can gather comfortably. A good arrangement shows your guests how happy you are that they came.