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Large round table for Outdoor and Indoor Inspirations


A large round table is powerful enough to turn your room becomes family’s favorite spot when placed either outdoor or indoor. Large round table can cater up to 12 people at the same time without being awkward. Check out several ideas in placing large round table both for outdoor or indoor spaces below.

Large round table: Outdoor

Although it is uncommon, you can actually place a large round table outside in your garden. A set of large round table and chairs made of rattan is perfect for a cozy mealtime outdoor. The whole outdoor meal experience will be an unforgettable experience for you, your family and your guests. Moreover, you may place a couple of benches along with the chairs for fun! You can also squeeze more people on the benches instead of on individual chairs. Benches will also give a relaxing vibe while you enjoy the breeze.

Indoor Large Round Table

The idea of using a large round table for the dining room might fancy you rather than the square or rectangle one. A large round table will enlarge the look of your room whereas placing the small one in a large dining room will make the room looks empty. A pedestal table provides the best leg rooms although it can be unstable over years.

To go with a simple and minimalist look, you would want to go for a large and rustic dining table with a set of classic mid-century chairs. Meanwhile, if you wish to give your dining room a more luxurious vibe, try to install a chandelier on a stucco ceiling. Upholstered chairs that are paired with a large wooden round table will enhance the elegant look of your dining room.

Lastly, this hack is perfect for a house with a dining room that connects with the living room. You can transform a large round table into a spot for work or even gatherings. Even with a limited vacant spot, all you need is your large round table. Make sure to clean your table well, it is ready for a cozy gathering spot. Round tables can easily be dressed up for both formal occasions and casual outings.

Another great thing about a large round table is that it gives generous elbow room for you to eat peacefully. Whether you dine outdoor or indoor, you can enjoy the mealtime to the fullest while bonding with your family members.