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Round Dining Table for 8: A Dinner Party Setup Guide


Sure, hosting a dinner party is hard; however, you can be the pro in holding any party with the right table and chair setup. A round dining table for 8 may come handy since you can fit many people at the same table without being cramped.  Although round tables are best used in a formal occasion, you can still use this type of table in a casual party. Moreover, they also offer the largest seating capacity per table. Check out the basic setup guide below.

Round Dining Table for 8: The Size

Usually, it is quite common to use 60” round dining table for 8. A 60” table allows a good elbow room so that your guests are able to enjoy the food and drink. You can also seat 8 people at 72” tables, which is commonly used for up to 10 people. However, you need to consider that if the table is too big, the enjoyment of the guests will vanish into thin air. Not only it is really difficult to converse with anyone other than the ones on either side of you, but it will also be awkward to talk to someone across the table since everyone can hear your conversation.

For the sake of everyone’s enjoyment, why don’t you try seating 8 people at a 48” round table? As the size of the table is smaller, your guests are able to start conversations with each other comfortably. However, you need to choose slimmer chairs to match the table.

Chairs and Table Height

The height of tables is usually made to the standard one, which is approximately 30” tall. Meanwhile, the average height of the chairs is 18” high. Before buying, always try out the chairs and table at the same time to check whether they match or not.


Seating Chart

In order to provide a good seating arrangement, set the round dining table for 8 to the right. Avoid placing table in the same column since such placement shrinks vacant space and creates a cramped atmosphere.

In addition, you can decorate the tables with a 120” round tablecloth. A good choice of linen and other accessories can lift the mood of the party. The key of hosting a party is engaging each other, thus, it is really important to choose the right round dining table for 8. Do not forget to serve a lot of delicious food. Good luck with your dinner parties.