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Round Dining Table For 8 Advantages


A large round table top that has diameter of 72 inches is round dining table for 8. You can accommodate 8 to 10 people comfortably around this size of table. There is limitation how many people can fit around round dining tables though it is easy to squeeze in more people around this table shape. You may be able to find several round table sizes that could fit eight diners comfortably but there are several things you need to consider.

Round Dining Table For 8 Promotes Better Conversation

There are benefits from round dining table for 8. A large round table allows all people sitting around it to see and talk to each other unlike large rectangular table that makes diner who sit at the end table difficult to see and talk to everyone. It is also a good idea having round tables in your square dining rooms as it work well it this room shape which a rectangular table will be hard to achieve. You can always add an additional chair or two around round dining tables without forcing anyone to sit at a table corner.

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Round Dining Table For 8 Problem And Solution

Very large round dining table may cause an issue. There is a far distance to reach the center of the table for dishes of food from one’s seat so it may cause difficulties. To solve this issue, you can place a lazy Susan at the center of the table. The size of your chairs may dictate the table size whether it should be a 66-inch or a 72-inch. You may pick a 66-inch round table to seat 8 if your chairs are small and slim. You should go for a 72-inch table if you have big chairs. Another thing to consider when choosing the size of round dining table for 8 is the size of the diners. You may choose to have a 66-inch table if your family consists of smaller adults and children. But, you may want a 72-inch table if you have family of larger people.

Compared to other tables, large round dining table has large numbers of benefits you can get. Make sure you consider several aspects before you decide that what shape you will be having for a dining table. There different shape and size for large round dining table, but it also important deciding the material of the table. You need also to consider the space for round dining table for 8 that should be readily existing in your home.