Round Dining Table Or Rectangular : Choosing the Right Dining Table for You


A dining table is one of the most essential features in your home. The perfect dining table needs to be great for eating meals with your family and even your beloved friends. Rectangular and round dining tables are the most common choices amongst people. While choosing between rectangular and round dining table, carefully consider the size of the room. Perhaps some of you are currently contemplating which dining table is better, but worry not, here are the list of pros and cons to weigh in choosing the right dining table for you.

The Perks of Choosing Round Dining Table

As a round table saves more space, it is suitable for small dining rooms. It fits in tight spaces perfectly. Round dining table is ideal for you who wish to accommodate people comfortably. Everyone can gather and talk cozily since all of the guests or family members can see each other. You can easily fit more people because there are no corners. Table with this shape will also radiate warmness and friendliness. Moreover, it is also children friendly since there are no sharps edges which can hurt young kids. Foods and drinks are also easier to reach if you choose round dining table. Additionally, you can also purchase a round dining table which comes with additional table leaves, so that you can ‘enlarge’ your table when you need more space.

Rectangular Table Advantages

A rectangular dining table suits long and narrow dining rooms since they need more space. As rectangular tables are lean, they will not look awkward in the dining room. This shape is perfect for dinner parties since you can fit many people at this table. Everyone will be more comfortable and relax due to the right distant between one and another. In addition, rectangular tables are the easiest to dress up.


The Drawbacks

While it is true that rectangular tables fit more people, however, it can be difficult for the ones seating at the corners to reach the food. The same problem also occurs with a large round dining table. Aside from the distant of the food, a round table is more suitable for four people since if it is larger than that, you are too far from each other. Round tables with a single center pedestal can be quite unstable, so make sure to check the steadiness before you buy.

No matter which table shape you prefer, it is also important to consider the size of the room and the number of people who will regularly eat at the table. That way you can decide the right table wisely.