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Round Dining Table Set Placement Tips With Pictures


Holiday is around the corner! Do you feel the need to readjust the dining room before hosting a party? Or perhaps you just simply want to retouch your dining room? Regardless of your intention, you might want to consider purchasing a round dining table set.

A round dining table set usually comes with a table and a set of chairs based on your need. Basically, there are three types of round dining table set: pedestal, tripod, and four legs. Round dining table set with pedestal works well for larger groups so that you will not bump into each other knees while eating. The pedestal table base depends in the center of the table with a wide base to maintain stability. However, you might want to check the sturdiness before purchasing. The second base, tripod, usually connects three legs with a stable base. This table set might look bulky in small rooms. Finally, round dining table set with a four-legged table will give a clean vibe to your room. Although this type of table is the most stable amongst the three, you will lose leg space around the corners due to the legs.


Round Dining Table Set: The Seating

The seating is one of the most important aspects in choosing the right round dining table set. It usually comes with chairs for 4-8 people. Firstly, you need to consider how many people will seat at the dining table on daily basis. You can fit four to six people around a 44” to 54” table. Secondly, also consider the space of the dining rooms. You can choose various types of chairs, from the classic wooden chairs to the ones with bulky chairs. If the dining room is quite small, you might want to choose the former so that your rooms will not be full of chairs. Other than that, you might also want to consider the slot for extra guests. A bigger round dining table set might hinder you from actually conversing with others due to the wide distance between people. In addition, you cannot force many people to fit the dining table unless you want them to eat in discomfort.

It is better for you to choose a round table that has extra table leaves, so that you can easily widen your table to an oval shape when you need to fit more people. Try to lean on the table and apply pressure at the same time since a round dining table set can be unsteady sometimes.