Round Table Seats 8 Size and Seating Guide for Any Occasions


In spite of its fixed design, round table seats 8 will suit you who grow up in a big family or even for you who love to throw a dinner party. As much as you want to squeeze more people around it, you still need to follow the right guide. An 8-person round table is perfect for regular dinner times and even parties. However, round table seats 8 can be problematic if it is placed in an average-sized dining room. Make sure to consider the size of the table and the size of the room. However, try to follow these tips below before deciding to buy a big round table.

The Right Size of Round Table Seats 8

Usually, round table seats 8 are 60-inch big. However, if you need to fit more people in your party, you can add up to 12 heads sitting around a 60-inch table by using slimmer chairs although it may cramp a bit. Several banquets sometimes also seat 12 people around a 60-inch table. You can also try a 72-inch table, which does not come with an expandable leaf, for eight people. However, if the table is bigger than 60-inch, it will be difficult for others to converse across the table.

You can also use an expandable 48-inch round table for eight people, depending on the size of the leaf. Although a 48-inch table usually made for four people, you can choose the one with a wide expansion leaf.

The Distance

In placing round table seats 8, you need to carefully measure the space between the table and the walls. Instead of considering the space between the chairs, shift your focus to measure the space between 8 place settings, which should not be less than 20 inches on center.


The Linen

Choosing the right linen is important to do when you are holding a party or other events. With round table seats 8, it is advised to use a 90”x90” linen for mid length or 72”x72” for a mere overlay. You can also custom-made your linen based on your preferred length to enhance uniqueness. You can decorate your table as creative as you can.

Although perfectly setting round table seats 8 can be tricky, you can optimize the table with the right choice of size and setting the right distance between the chairs. The more the merrier, hence, do not hesitate to throw a dinner party.