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Round Tablecloths: A Guide to Choosing the Right Size of Linens


Tables help us in doing our daily activities a lot, from eating to stacking magazines on the top of it. Even with round tables, it is important to cover the tables with the right round tablecloths. Generally, tablecloths offer a hand in preserving the quality of your table while enhancing the visual at the same time. These linens are washable hence, you will not to worry about spills and stains. However, many people choose to put random round tablecloths without caring about the size. It is important to suit the right size of the linens according the diameter of the table for any occasions. Check out several guides on choosing the right size of the round tablecloth based on your preferred length.

Half Drop Round Tablecloths

Half drop round tablecloths are more suitable for daily use and casual dinner parties. 70 inches round tablecloths will be able to cover a 30 inches to 42 inches round table which seats up to five guests. However, if you own a large round table for up to 11 guests, which is between 54 inches and 66 inches round, you might go for a 90 inches round linens. Lastly, a 108 inches tablecloth works the best for a 72 inches round table.

Full Drop

If you need a very formal look, full drop round tablecloths are the answer. Compared to the half drop ones, a 90 inches tablecloth can only be used on a 30 inches to 36 inches round table for 2-4 people. A 108 inches round linens is best used on 42 inches and 48 inches round tables. You will need 120 inches round tablecloths to cover 54 inches to 66 inches tables. Lastly, a table for 10-12 people (72 inches wide), will need a 132 inches full drop tablecloth. These formal round tablecloths usually land 1.5 inches from the floor.

Puddle Drop

Puddle drop tablecloths are the most flexible ones since it can be used for both formal and casual events depending on the pattern and color choice. A small round table (30 inches) can be covered using 108 inches round tablecloths. 120 inches linens are perfect for 36 inches to 42 inches round table, while the 132 inches ones are best used to cover a 48 inches to 54 inches tables.

Once you find the right size, finding round tablecloths that match your taste should be a relatively simple matter. If you detest washing your tablecloth often, you can place an extra translucent cover, saving you from spills without reducing the look of your tablecloth.