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Solid Wood Dining Table Caring Tips


Solid wood dining table is like any other wood furniture that require caring to keep its new look. The most general material among dining tables is wood, and shopping a nice wooden table may need major change in the process. As a result, all home owners want their tables to look good and hand out their purpose for a long time for the future. Here are the basics you need to know when maintaining wood.

Solid Wood Dining Table Frequent Dusting

It may appear harmless having small particles of dust on solid wood dining table, but the wood’s finish may be scratched by enough buildup. Use a lint-free soft cloth such as a cotton diaper, cheesecloth, or an old t-shirt to dust wood every week. Avoid using Pledge and such dust polish, since there are silicone contents that can immerse into the pore of the wood and harm it completely. The best way is using lightly moisten a cloth with fresh water or wipe with a microfiber cloth that will adhere to dust particles automatically.

solid wood dining table and chairs

Use Mayonnaise

Wet glasses may cause watermark rings in your table surface. But do not worry, the wax is possibly the one that is affected, not the wood. You could easily remove the mark by rubbing solid wood dining table with mayonnaise.

Consider Placement

Avoid positioning a solid wood dining table exactly beside a heat register or above a radiator. The wood may warp or split damaged by the temperature changes. If your table comes with extra leaves, make sure you store them near the table itself. It is good to have table that has a clever place to store the additional leaf beneath the tabletop. Storing this way will allow the leaf to warp or split similarly with the table. An attic or basement store will cause the leaf to warp differently with the table due to different the humidity and temperature.

Consider Moisture Levels

Make sure there is always a 40 to 45% humidity level in your home just like other woodworks. The wood could crack if lower and swelling if higher. Make sure you turn on de-humidifier or air conditioning in the summer and a humidifier in the winter.


Avoid using silicone products when polishing wood. A strong, carnauba wax is the best option. Prepare two pieces of lint-free soft cloths. Apply the wax with one piece cloth and another piece to polish wood. You may need lots of effort caring solid wood dining table, but you just need to do it two times every year.