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Square And Round Dining Table Comparison


Homeowners can often meet their needs with common options of square and round dining table. They can create the mood for friendly gatherings and family meals so they are the most essential element in your dining area. They both can serve small and large dining rooms with a variety of sizes availability in wood and metal styles. Consider the way you can best keep close and personal table conversations and make the most of the space in the room when picking between the two.

Round Table advantages

Small dining rooms suit best with round tables. They create friendly, affectionate, and comfortable dining room environment with their rounded shape and small footprint. Folks with young kids would love them as they have no sharp edges. Round dining table offer an easy to reach general center area making them ideal for playing cards and board games. For holidays and special occasions, the round table can expand to an oval shape with a round table that has foldable table leaves.

Square Table benefit

The best choice for square dining rooms is square dining tables. Symmetrical rooms’ balance and proportion can be maintained easier. They won’t look weird in the room as being so small or overwhelm a dining area by being too large as you can usually seat four to eight people in square dining tables similar to round dining table. If you use the table to seat four people, consider a square dining table as it makes comfortable and peaceful chat with everyone seating at the same distant at the table. You can create a rectangular table shape by arranging two square tables together if you need to serve large gatherings in more table space.


There are drawbacks in both square and round tables, so consider the pros and cons before investing. Rectangular dining rooms do not suit square tables as they cause crowded feeling to family members and visitors due to closer seating to the walls on two sides of the table. They create a crammed full feeling as the inequality in proportion although the room is large enough that won’t cause hit into the wall for diners when enter or exit their seats. The awkward corner would have to be used if you have a dinner guests that need an additional chair. Round tables with a single center pedestal have the risk of tipping hazards. So, try to apply weight leaning on round dining table to see how strong and stable it feels before you buy.